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January 14, 2012 / manveetSingh

A Website for Your Resume – More chances of success while you’re looking for a job

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You have a paper resume, and a cover letter to go with it.
But do you have a web-resume to go with it?

While an updated LinkedIn profile is a must for a job searching candidate, a web based resume on a domain of your own is an added plus point always!

We – me & Mohit – have been wanting to do this for a while for students of SoM, CDAC NOIDA on a portal of our own (much like an page for each student); but somehow it hasn’t materialized. Maybe we got into the idea a bit late, and there was no time to develop code for that, but it would be amazing if we could do something like this, and share it with the recruiters as a one stop point!

Anyways, a note by 1&1 Internet, Inc. talks more about it.
Give it a read, it might make you go for getting a domain for yourself.
(Suggestion: GoDaddy provides the cheapest domain name offers I have seen.)

P. S. If someone knows of a way (code OR plugin sorts) that can be used to create something like a profile page for each member, I assure you a great review of your code, and a few heartfelt Thank You’s!


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