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January 10, 2012 / samajdaar

Why Indians wish to move abroad

Weekly Econimic Times

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An article in The Economic Times with an interesting headline made me read it with all the attention that could be mustered:
Young Indians prefer moving abroad for jobs: Ma Foi Randstad

I thought and wished they would tell amongst other stuff why Indians want to move abroad more than any kind of people in the world, but they didn’t.
Well, I might have a few cents to share here 🙂

Money is important, but more important is that you get your efforts worth money, not just what the employer thinks you should get. I guess that’s the reason many creative field people go as freelancers too! You get your work’s worth only when you are your boss, and sometimes even that might not be possible with the pan-India concept of Negotiation. Even when the person has given his/her’s 100% and you know it, but it is customary to negotiate on the price; so what if you know that he/she is asking each penny of what the work is really worth.
(But freelancing is not for everyone and every type of professions. I for one have been looking all around startup spaces to find if I can find anyone looking for MBAs, with no luck) 

There was a view widely held that IT industry is the harshest, with the long hours, too much workload but from what I have been able to gather after meeting friends from different fields, it seems every industry in India is pretty much like this. People from various professions work hard – Telecom people, Accounting professionals etc – and everyone is sort of underpaid. Yes! It would be right to think ‘But everyone thinks they are making less!‘ but that if a large portion of population resonates the same feeling, there’s got to be something amiss.

This makes it all clear that rather than looking for a price hike while moving to jobs abroad, employees are looking for suitable job profiles and not a price hike.

Do you think you were/are well paid? If not, what did you do to fix that?


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