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January 08, 2012 / samajdaar

Things to avoid in a Cover Letter and Resume

Resume DesignThere are somethings that you should do (read: write) on your resume, and then there are some that you shouldn’t do.

What all you should include is what the jobs asks for, the details that the description of job says. If you don’t tell the recruiter that you have all the skills that the job needs, there’s no point in sending in a resume, is there?

BUT you need to be extra careful what you should NOT include in your resume, and cover letter.

Some words, keywords, clichéd words that shouldn’t be used for various reasons are:

  • Approximately
  • Assisted
  • Attempted
  • Team player
  • Implemented
  • Professional
  • Hopefully

more in the article at YouTern.

You are a leader, and you need to show that – use definitive words!

Then there are some phrases & clichés that need to be avoided:

  • To Whom it May Concern
  • I Just Need a Chance
  • Salary Expectations
  • The Reason I Left…
  • Objective Statement
  • References Available Upon Request
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

details in the article at YourTern.

A few (quite a many in fact) points are also stated here for making a strong resume, but I am not sure if we should believe a website which has such a weird and unclear font usage.


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