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January 05, 2012 / samajdaar


Say what?
Did I misspell and put an O instead of an S there?

No I didn’t!

It’s “Keep It Open Source“! KIOS.

So I am an ex-Software Engineer (later a Senior Systems Engineer, but I am not going there), and I know a thing or two about softwares. Or I thought I did.
I faintly remember the first few days of Induction in the IT giant, we were to sign on an agreement, which in part sort of detailed the ownership of softwares we will be developing, testing or more. It (the software & any patent if received) would be rightfully the company’s property, or if the contract said Organization for which the project was being developed. Fair Enough!
None of us knew any better, and hey that’s the way IT Services industry works.

But that is not the way Software always has to be.
Complete opposite to proprietary software is the Open Source Software.
Proprietary says Copyright, Open Source says Copyleft.


from Flickr

I came to know of Open Source with WordPress which is a blogging platform for some, and a CMS for some. What WordPress is today is all thank to the thousands of people contributing to it’s core code. It has improved from what it was when launched to an amazing software thanks to the WordPress community.
The amazingness of WordPress being open is that people can build any kind of website using it – be it a personal website, an eShoppers paradise, or simply a blog. All you need is know-how of PHPMySQL ad you can do wonders, since the code is available to all and FREE!

Thanks to article.


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