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January 01, 2012 / samajdaar

Start Up – wish & will

Birla. Tata.
What do these names tell you?
They are Business Empires. Though you know that technically they were once a start-up too, but you find it hard to imagine them running like a start-up does. Because they are huge empires today, and they have established themselves in various spheres of our lives in many ways.

“They’re rare because they take a lot of money, time, and conquest to build.”

Facebook. Reliance.
Howsoever huge they might get, deep down your heart you know it’s because they were at the right place, at the right time, and welcomed their moment with open hands. They are the Powder Kegs.

“They’re rare because they’re all about the perfect idea, which involves doing the right thing at the right time.”

But still whenever a start-up is born, its wish is to become a Movement. It is the most common attempt. If it is a mainstream idea, it keeps on growing and you get the needed traction big enough to probably turn it into a revolution.

Everybody hopes to be an Empire at the end of the day, but it necessarily won’t end like this.
Nobody hopes that they implode like a Powder Keg, but still some do.

Think straight, think ahead, and try to define what kind of company you are trying to build beforehand.

You need to know Are you building an empire, sparking a powder keg, or starting a movement?


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