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December 29, 2011 / samajdaar

Landing a Dream job

There are a few ways that you can land yourself your dream job.
But first you need to know and have an idea as to what it really is. Doing that is not an easy task, but we have a way that can help. Refer to article ‘Discovering Your way to a Career from College

Now when you have decided onto what you really want to do, and you have the will to work at a startup. Welcome!
When a startup is into providing a service to its users, a great tip is to use their services, and get their attention that way.

For example, when Hanna Phan wanted to work for SlideRocket, she simply used their service to get their attention, and finally land the job.

Slide Rocket Logo


Startups are all about providing a better solutionto an existing problem. If upon visualization of your future self, you think you could find yourself in a situation which a startup is trying to solve, get yourself to connect with them and share an innovate solution that you might have for the problem. Quite assuredly they would love to have you on board if your solution is a worthy of it.


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