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December 26, 2011 / samajdaar

Personal Branding for You vs

Personal branding is important, be it in your job or what you do over the internet.
Internet plays a very important role in everyone’s life these days, be it what you Like over at Facebook, tweet on twitter, +1 on GPlus, or connect to on LinkedIn. Today internet plays a major role in job search, finding about a person, credentials of someone you are dealing with or you plan to deal with.

But this is not about someone, it’s about your own Personal Branding or Professional. Internet is still an open playground, play as you will.
When it’s about you, it needs to be cool and drive the message across. In comes ‘About Me’.

I have been About.Me since their inception, and been on Flavors.Me the same. (Here’s a very basic comparison I did when I was a newbie on both).

If you Google me, the first result is, well, ME! My About.Me page to be exact 🙂

Thomas Petty explains in his article why that happens.
He is an SEO Consultant, and boy do these guys know how to get you to the top of a Google Search Result.

He talks about putting your name, and some keywords you want to be searched for in the name field itself, but I believe that if you have a unique enough name like me, or just enough to grab a unique URL for yourself there, you should be ready, set & raring to go.

Image representing as depicted in Cru...

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