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December 23, 2011 / samajdaar

Discovering Your way to a Career

You are an MBA student looking for a job (or maybe start looking soon enough), and you want one where you can make a career for yourself.
An MBA is a great start to shift careers (either before they become stagnant or when what you are already doing is no fun anymore), change your perspective of corporate life, and much more. Everyone looking forward to an MBA degree has a reason of their own. I know I did too, as much weird it must have been!


But for an MBA graduate, 2 roads lie ahead again when the time to start looking for a job arises.
The confusion, and wonderment if the job they get and/or chose will it be the ONE for them, or if they would have to shift gears (every) few years down the line again?
From a personal perspective I believe that you shouldn’t have to go through job shifts and jumps just because you are not sure if it is the ONE for you.
There could be another reason for job hunting after an MBA, but looking for the ONE shouldn’t be it.

No! I don’t know perfectly well what career choice would make me happy YET. But I am hopeful that I will get there soon.

Emily Bennington in her article give us 4 steps to help see what we need to do to define for ourselves which way we want to head.
And I for one, need to work on answering the question:

“Where do you want to be in five years?”

It really is a million dollar question!!


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